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Because clients are not all alike we tailor our services to your needs.

We invite you to review the programs and what each provides and decide which is right for you. And please call us if you have questions about how these programs work!

Investment Management

  • Discussion of client goals, time line and risk tolerance.
  • We build a Financial Plan based on your individual needs and financial goals.
  • We create a portfolio based on your goals and designed with time tested strategies and independent portfolio management.
  • Regular financial and portfolio reviews are held each client.
  • Fees are based on portfolio and planning strategies.

Financial ‘Strategies’ Program

This is a complete financial plan. This kind of service is most appropriate for clients who need and desire an in-depth analysis of their financial needs, goals and future.

The Financial ‘Strategies’ program includes:

  • Complementary 1 hour initial meeting.
  • Discussion of client goals, time line and risk tolerance.
  • Specific list of data and materials needed to begin review.
  • Email/telephone consultation to discuss data collected.
  • Written analysis and recommendations.
  • Two hour presentation meeting where all recommendations are discussed and reviewed in detail.
  • Summary binder including all data discussed.
  • List of recommend resources.
  • Email/telephone assistance for 45 days after the presentation meeting.
  • Newsletters and client letters.
  • Client reminders regarding annual re-balancing, asset allocation and ongoing client needs.
  • Fees are billed at hourly rate of $180 per hour and typically range $1,800 to $2,800.

Portfolio ‘Review & Second Opinion’ Program

Individuals who have been directing and managing their own investment portfolios sometimes want a review or ‘second opinion’ to be sure they are on the proper path toward their financial goals. The Portfolio Review and Second Opinion Program is meant to provide this kind of support advice. It is not a complete plan but instead designed to help you assess the current state of your investments and savings and determine changes needed to better direct you toward your goals.

Clients complete a Client Questionnaire and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire prior to our first meeting. This information is sent to the office 10 days prior to our first meeting.

The Portfolio ‘Review & Second Opinion’ Program includes:

  • Complementary 45 minute initial meeting.
  • Discussion of Risk Tolerance and Goals.
  • Specific list of data needed to analyze complete portfolio.
  • Email/Telephone consultation as data is being analyzed.
  • 1 ½ to 2 hour meeting to discuss recommendations (determined by complexity of portfolio).
  • Portfolio review and recommendations.
  • Specific list of investments and implementation detail.
  • Written analysis and recommendations.
  • Email/Telephone assistance for 30 days after presentation meeting.
  • Newsletter and client letters for 2 years after meeting.
  • Client Reminders for Annual Investment Reviews.
  • Fees are based on hourly rate of $180 per hour and typically range $1,260 to $2,250